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I'm speaking today at the #TNL conference, joining almost 200 recruiters, marketers, and social media fanatics in an unconference sprung full-grown from the mind of Craig Fisher. TNL isn't your typical conference, it's designed to create conversation and tough questions on how social media affects our ability to recruit, to attract, and ultimately, to hire.

Here we have Chris Hoyt, the @RecruiterGuy, giving a keynote where he delivers the one honest truth about social media.

Have a Point. Have a purpose. Think about what you're trying to do, and know why you're doing it.

My track is with Trish McFarlane and Michael Goldberg, talking about the role of social in the corporation. For me, I'll be trying to communicate that your knowledge of social media should boost your career internally click here now.

It's a remix of the MNREC conference pitch, but this one a lot slower and more interactive, adn three presenters instead of one.

I'll embed it at the botttom.

(quick break) - Chris Hoyt is making fun of people who have lots of followers and large groups on LinkedIn, but only one person speaking in that group. heh).

What am I looking for from this? Meeting people from Dallas, of course. Picking up a few extra notes or skills from people doing the work is on the to do list. And most of all, getting the chance to share some stories on how social is no longer something to do, but an important material in the fabric of employment and hiring.

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